Some Of Our Services

Sell & Repair Computers

We can provide you with new hardware/software, service and repair your computers, set up your computer networks and servers, websites, databases and corporate training.

Cloud Backups & Services

Free your self from the office desk and work from anywhere in the world. Finish up that last-minute proposal while you’re on the plane, or even on the lying on the beach. Ask us how we can take your entire organisation to the cloud and ensure its backed up in case of any disaster!

Virus Removal & Troubleshooting

We will visit you on-site and carry out any remedial work. Should the unfortunate occur and your computer cannot be fixed on-site, we will gladly take it away for further work at our workshop and return onsite to connected you up again.

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How to Identify Suspicious Emails Containing Viruses & Phishing Attacks

Over the last few weeks I have been inundated with calls from people who have been hit hard with viruses and scammed out of thousands of dollars from their bank accounts. I urge you to please take a look at the link below to a great YouTube video that explains, far better than I ever

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Crypto Virus

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If you get any suspicious emails like from Apple saying you bought something that you didn’t, don’t click any links. Just delete it from your phone/computer. There is nothing worse than being hit with the Crypto virus. It is extremely destructive and infect anything connected to the computer be it a USB hard drive, Dropbox

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We will be posting several articles and posts to help keep you safe and secure on the web as well as great tips to keep your computers running smoothly.

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