What We Provide

The advantage that UDDIN CONSULTANCY has over competitors is that it is a “one stop shop” computer company.

We can provide you with new hardware/software, service and repair your computers, set up your computer networks and servers, websites, databases and corporate training.

Our uniqueness is that we come to you.

fix_repairTroubleshoot & Virus Removal

Trying to resolve technical problems on your computer is, undeniably, one of life’s most frustrating experiences. Thankfully, UDDIN CONSULTANCY is close at hand to take away that stress and frustration for you.

We will visit you on-site and carry out any remedial work. Should the unfortunate occur and your computer cannot be fixed on-site, we will gladly take it away for further work at our workshop. Once the work has been carried out, we will duly return onsite and have you connected up again.


Data RecoveryData Recovery

There is nothing technically devastating as losing your personal or company data. Whether it’s a crashed computer, failed hard drive or you got hit with the latest Crypto Virus, we are here to help. UDDIN CONSULTANCY specialises in data recovery and have helped many companies recover from total loss of data, especially the Crypto Virus.

If you have been hit with any of these issues, please contact us sooner the better as time is of the essence in these matters. We’re here to help!


computersSell & Repair Computers

Whether you need a new computer, repair or upgrades, we can help. We have countless customers that we have helped to meet there computing needs at their budget level. We custom build our computers to the highest specs. We specialize in solid, reliable and fast business computers.


Network ServersNetworks & Servers

Whether you run a small or large network, or you’re installing a new one, UDDIN CONSULTANCY can meet your project goals and deadlines. We can help install CAT6 wiring from start to finish. We also will set up the network domain and look after the administration, maintenance and backups of the server.


mobileRepair Mobile Devices

It’s heartbreaking to see a cracked screen on your beloved tablet or phone. But worry no longer as we can fix this for you. We have many satisfied customers and look forward to fixing your mobile device and don’t forget our prices are extremely competitive.


Cloud ComputersCloud Computing

Our Cloud PC’s are easy to set up, use and store all your data. They allow you to use programs like Office, Quick Books, CAD, and/or any other Windows program to manage and process your data.   Your current PC, Phone, Mac or tablet becomes a simple tool to access your Cloud PC no matter how old it is. Everything is on the cloud, not your computer, so no matter what device you are using, it all works like it should.

If you currently use a PC  and know how to browse the web then you already know how to use a Cloud PC. It takes only a few minutes to get you up and running on a Cloud PC with our tech support’s guidance.  We do the hard part like setting up programs, security and more. Contact us for more information.

cloud_installerTest the Cloud for FREE!


Personal & Corporate Training

UDDIN CONSULTANCY is able to provide computer/software training within your own training facilities or at a designated facility.

Training is customized to your needs, allowing you to focus on the features or technology that is most important for you and your business. A knowledgeable training consultant will assist you in preparing the course curriculum for your on-site session to meet your unique requirements quickly and efficiently. Our training programs are designed to meet your specialist needs, and can be offered at the location of your choice.

UDDIN CONSULTANCY can train in the following:
MS Windows 7/8/10
MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook
WordPress Web Develpment

Please contact us for a FREE consultation.


Database Development

UDDIN CONSULTANCY can create custom-built Access databases that will address your business’ needs.

Your database can be written with your choice of input and output, background and text colors. We will work with you to anticipate your future needs and put years of experience at your disposal.

Prepackaged information tools have options that you pay for and may not want or may not have all of the options that you need. Most commercially available database programs are not customizable. To get the companies who sell these programs to make a change, for you, is almost impossible. Please contact us for a FREE consultation.


wordpressWeb Development

A website is your virtual window to the market place. It’s a presence that should be clear concise and easy to use. Most websites contain too much information and sometimes can be hard to navigate. UDDIN CONSULTANCY can develop an easy to use and forward thinking website for you!

Please contact us for a FREE consultation.